St. George Steel Industries Served

SGS serves the Energy, Refinery, Mining, Pollution Control and Construction industries. 

  • Energy -

    St. George Steel produces windmills, heat recovery steam generator ducting and stacks, SCR scrubbers and co-generation components. Our in-depth experience includes specialty linings of insulation, refractories, and brick. We have experience in the fabrication of specialty alloys including: ALX17, C287, 2205, 304, and 316.

  • Refinery -

    SGS is a leader in the Petro-Chemical field, specializing in furnaces, lined duct work, exhaust stacks, A.S.M.E. code vessels and A.P.I. storage tanks.

  • Mining -

    SGS continues to serve the mining industry by supplying tubular galleries, conveyor systems and tunnel linings. Chutes, hoppers and support steel are often coordinated within our orders to eliminate problems between the various trades.

  • Pollution Control -

    SGS is concerned about the environment. Large dust collectors, bag-houses, scrubbers, exhaust stacks, filtration tanks and wastewater treatment components are among our completed projects.

  • Construction -

    From access walkways to schools, to railway stations and all areas in between, St. George Steel is concise and capable. Our certifications from associations such as A.I.S.C., A.S.M.E., Canadian Welding Bureau, City of Los Angeles and Clark County, Nevada insure our level of quality will continue.