Our focus is to produce successful results for our clients by meeting the needs of our clients on time, within budget, while supplying a quality product.  This philosophy and approach is exemplified in our customer service and Aftermarket group by way of:

Engineering Support & Services

  • Thermal Performance Evaluation
  • Combustion Evaluations, Burner Upgrades, or Emissions Improvements

Parts & Field Services

In most cases, our customers utilize EIT for on-site services. We will participate in pre-delivery and constructability coordination meetings with erection contractors and customer personnel to minimize site construction time and costs.  In addition, our field technicians are available to advise erection and plant personnel concerning any aspect of field installation, as may be required, during the course of actual installation.

EIT will also provide the services of technical personnel to assist operating staff in unit start-up and provide training in proper and efficient operating procedures.

  • Replacement parts for Fired Heaters, Waste Heat Boilers, Heat Recovery Steam Generators and Simple Cycle Catalyst Systems
  • Replacement Radiant Coils, Burners and Convection Sections
  • Combustion Air Preheat Systems
  • Combustion Air Blower and Ducting Systems
  • Refractory-lined Ducts and Panels
  • ASME, AWS, CWB Certified Welders
  • S, PP, U&R Stamps
  • Process Performance Evaluations
  • Thermal Performance Evaluations on Heaters
  • Stacks, Dampers, Expansion Joints, Ladders and Platforms
  • Full-Service Turnkey Projects
  • Inspections and Technical Field Services
  • Steam Drum and Instrumentation Enclosures
  • Refractory Replacement
  • Start-up Assistance
  • HRSG and SCCS Inspections
  • Parts and Services for all makes of Equipment

A Record that Speaks for Itself

Express Integrated Technologies, LLC / EIT Canada Ltd. demonstrates a high level of efficiency and cooperation from proposal stage through demobilization. Our crews are well prepared and provide an excellent quality job. Our Aftermarket crews are also professional, efficient and interact well with site personnel. EIT's objective is to complete on time or ahead of schedule from project inception through AI review and inspection of the completed work.  The work site will be left in immaculate condtion at demobilization.

Aftermarket Contact
Aftermarket Services (918) 622-1420