Fired Heaters

API 560 Fired Heaters for the Oilsands and Process industries.  General applications include both vertical and horizontal type designs with all types of heat media. EIT provides a dependable single source for Fired Heater design and manufacturing.  Utilization of our wide range of experience can provide significant advantages in the conceptual and FEED stages of a project through final design.  Our cumulative engineering experience for transfer process heat plus our four fabrication facilities that have been manufacturing Fired Heaters since 1980 assure that our customers receive equipment in complete code compliance and of the highest quality.

Direct Fired API Heaters

  • Horizontal Tube "Cabin"
  • Vertical - Cylindrical
  • Radiant Heat Transfer
  • Radiant Heat/Convective Heat Transfer
  • Double Fired - Horizontal Tube
  • Double Fired - Vertical Tube
  • 1 to 1,000 mm BTU/Hr

Indirect Fired Heaters

  • Convection Only Heat Transfer
  • Flue Gas Re-circulation "Low Heat Flux"
  • High Efficiency (greater than 90%)

Process Heaters

  • Charge Heating
  • Crude Heating
  • Vacuum Charge Heating
  • Reboiler System Heating
  • Regeneration Heating
  • Delayed Coker Charge Heating
  • Visbreaker Charge Heating
  • Crude Emulsion Feed Heating
  • Heat Media (Hot Oil) Heating
  • Steam Superheater
  • Reformer Process Heating