EIT Canada Industries Served

EIT Canada Ltd. is an operating division of Express Group Holdings, LLC.  We  provide engineered products for custom-designed, project-specific needs in the following industries.


  • Canadian Oil Sands
  • Energy Exploration 
  • Power Generation
  • Refining
  • Chemical 
  • Mining

Oil Sands

Oil Sands is a mixture of sand, water, clay and bitumen. Once-Through Steam Generators (OTSGs) are used in the Canadian Oil Sands to generate the steam utilized to heat heavy oil deposits, or bitumen, in steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) recovery projects. SAGD involves drilling one horizontal well to inject steam, generated by an OTSG, into a reservoir in order to heat and melt the bitumen. A second horizontal well is drilled at a lower depth in order to extract the less viscous crude that is created from the melted bitumen. OTSGs are critical to the SAGD process as they are the primary technology used for steam generation.  The “steaming” process is the first step in production and generally lasts about nine months, after which production can commence. SAGD is expected to be the dominant production technology over surface mining Oil Sands recovery, as it generally produces favorable economics, higher recovery rates and has less environmental impact. Express primarily sells OTSGs to large exploration and production companies active in the Oil Sands of Alberta, Canada. Prior to Express entering the market in 2005, only one other incumbent Canadian engineering and manufacturing company served the Oil Sands market.

Express is now one of only two companies with an established track record of engineering and manufacturing large-scale OTSGs for SAGD projects. Independent market research suggests Express holds 35‐40% of the OTSG market in 2012.   Also, to better serve the Canadian market and grow the export sales, Express founded EIT Canada, Ltd. as its Canadian company with a dedicated office and staff located in Calgary, Canada.