At the beginning of each project, EIT assembles a strategic team of professionals from every essential discipline to ensure project excellence.

Our systems are specifically designed for each client’s needs.  We work closely with our client’s team to optimize the interrelation of multiple engineering disciplines:

  • Thermal design, varying load analysis, emissions performance, flow distribution and pressure drop
  • Mechanical design for coil and module configuration, piping layout and overall constructability
  • Structural design for seismic and wind loading considerations, 3D modeling, pipe stress analysis and total components integration
  • Instrumentation and controls design for custom integration of system controls in accordance with client operating parameters

As part of our commitment to project excellence, EIT utilizes state-of-the-art thermal transient analysis software to evaluate “cycling” effects on overall HRSG mechanical design, for each given project.

Fabrication & Quality Control

EIT utilizes the fabrication services of Express Metal Fabricators, LLC (affiliated company) for all of its major domestic fabrication needs.  In addition to domestic fabrication, EIT can provide international fabrication of key heat transfer equipment.

The EIT inspection group’s commitment is to certify that quality standards as required by both EIT and our customers are met and exceeded. Our inspectors work in conjunction with our customers’ inspection staff and third party inspection services contracted by our customers.  Express Integrated Technologies, LLC’s policy of strict self-inspection has benefited our customers by the absence of major warranty work.

Project Management

In order to successfully complete any technical assignment, a sound management system must be in place. EIT has developed a project management system which provides timely information on all aspects of each project. Our project management system utilizes state-of-the-art computer software to track each project from contract award to delivery at the plant site. Our past and present customers note our project execution excellence as the best in today’s market.

Field Erection & Start-up Assistance

In most cases, our customers utilize EIT for on-site services. We will participate in pre-delivery and constructability coordination meetings with erection contractors and customer personnel to minimize site construction time and costs.  In addition, our field technicians are available to advise erection and plant personnel concerning any aspect of field installation, as may be required, during the course of actual installation. EIT will also provide the services of technical personnel to assist operating staff in unit start-up and provide training in proper and efficient operating procedures.